Your course project requires that you consider, in depth, a particular people issue that is found in organizations
of all types. The goal is for you to, as much as is possible, walk in someone else’s shoes while also considering
the implications for the organization. Environments used for this assignment may include for private companies,
charities, and government organizations, as well as less easily categorized organizations such as hospitals. You
should begin work on your course project as soon as possible in order not to overload yourself toward the end of
Select a “voice,” other than your own, who is representative of the types of people challenges faced by today’s
organizations. The “voice” must be someone distinctly different from you and who has organizational (working)
experience about which to talk. Examples of possible “voices” appear below. If you are unsure if the “voice” you
want to use is appropriate, please discuss your selection with your teacher.

Older (non-traditionally aged) worker (aged 50+ years old)
New college graduate
Female in a male-dominated environment (i.e. female engineers) (or male in female-dominated industry — i.e. male
Newly promoted supervisor/manager
A person who is working who is of a different religion
International (Expat) employee
A person who is working who is not from UAE, maybe from other GCC countries
Single parent (male or female)
Physically disabled/challenged (visually or hearing impaired, wheelchair bound)
Member of a group/team that has high conflict (i.e. maintenance team)
Leader sent to a company or department to “clean it up things” or “fix problems”

submit a draft report that contains the “voice” chosen with a brief paragraph that explains the reason you have
selected this voice and how the person is different from you. A second paragraph should briefly outline your plan
for exploring the chosen perspective from the person’s point of view (how you will be TALKING with him or her for
the purposes of this project).
Tell the story/circumstances of the person in the “voice” you have chosen (write in first person as if told by
him/her). This will require that you talk to one or more people who give you insight. This is a organizational
behavior class; for the final, it is important that you talk to other people working in organizations. (Be sure
that you credit these individuals at the end of your paper.) Other written sources of information on the topic
will likely also be helpful. Information you may wish to include in your “story” are:

• Demographics of the individual (e.g. age, gender, geographical influence, etc.)
• Motivation for working at this organization
• Career goal(s)
• Associated thoughts, feelings, fears, and/or concerns of the individual (related to uniqueness of the
• Challenges he/she is facing/has faced within the organization (both related to uniqueness and others that
may or may not be related)
Switch back to your own voice and consider the information you have presented from the organizational perspective.
• Using understandings and perspectives that you have learned in class, characterize the challenges (past
and present) from an organizational leader’s/manager’s perspective (e.g. motivation issue, personality issue,
values issue, poor teaming skills, group issues, conflict issues, leadership issues, etc.). In other words, what
are the related organizational challenges?
• Support and explain your characterization of the challenges through the use of your knowledge from this
• Briefly discuss other circumstances (other than those of your selected “voice”) that may create this type
of challenge(s).
Continuing from the organizational perspective,
• Present organizational solution(s) or practice(s) to address the problem(s). Solutions should be in
detailed steps of what needs to be done and in what order. Solutions should use course notes and activities
(course knowledge) as support. However, you should not actually design the solution (e.g. the training, written
document, etc.)
• Carefully explain the link between your solution(s) and the challenge(s) they are intended to address.
What is the overall goal of each solution?
• Discuss how your solution(s) should be evaluated for impact?
• Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the organization of implementing each solution. What
is your final recommendation (go/no go).
• What other recommendations do you make to the organization?
In first person, reflect upon this activity:
• Identify and briefly discuss two to three implications for your (current or future) work as an
organizational leader.
• What ideas or understandings were you able to further develop from this work?
• Considering your perspective(s) about people in organizations as you presented it at the first of this
class, explain how your original perspective has been further supported, modified, or changed.

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