Principles and Practice Tutorial Assignment

I am studying social care and doing my placement in a nursing home. i am getting involved more in the social model rather than the medical model in the nursing home. Ive be getting involved with reminisces therapy, activities and social outings.

500 – words

1. pick a recent event that happened while on placement.

2. write a breif description of relevant facts (situation, events, etc) what it is, where, when, describe it, why did it happen.

3. your reflections on your practice during the event. it happened, now reflect on it. the most significant or useful thing about the event. how helpful/important thing you did.

4. your judgement on your practice during the event (assessment of your own practice?)

5. what knowledge (thoeries) were you using during the event which informed your practice? did you think of any theory while in the event, eye contact, communication skills, maslows theory needs. was any theory applied.

6. what skills were you using during the event which helped or hindered your practice? what you used and how they were helpful or not.

7. what learning about your own practice can you identify from this reflection exercise. did your learning increase, what could you change or use again.

8. conclude – as a next step i now need too….


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