Planning for Success – A Product Launch Event

Scenario: Scenario: You are a member of a successful marketing consultancy team specialising in events management. You have recently been asked by an organisation operating within the technology sector to organise an event for the launch of its latest new product. You are aware that to date the organisation has taken an un-coordinated approach to such events and are now hoping that you will be able to advise and demonstrate how they can effectively plan and organise the communication activities for such an important product launch.

You are required to produce a report (2000 words maximum) for the senior management team of your chosen organisation in which you:
1. Identify the typical objectives that should be set for the proposed launch event of a new product
2. Using an appropriate framework, analyse the key stages of the planning process in the organisation of such an event, taking into consideration the importance of stakeholder engagement and communication for maximising achievement of successful outcomes
3. Evaluate the importance of post-event analysis and review for future planning of product launch events

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