1. Watch the video

a. Video: A brief profile of Panera focusing on strategy (about 10 minutes)

Panera Bread Video

2. Read the summary


Ron Shaich is President and CEO of Panera, a restaurant centered on fast service, eat-in dining, and very high-quality foods. Panera is part of a trend toward healthier eating and more balanced living. Their menu includes homemade artisan breads, soups, salads, bagels, specialty sandwiches, and a host of hot, frozen, or iced beverages, from coffee and tea to specialty drinks. Panera has a national presence, and has been undergoing serious growth since its inception. Shaich emphasizes that while Panera may be growing at a terrific rate, the company is committed to smart growth. Shaich and others are wary of growth that happens too fast, in the wrong geographic regions, or on the wrong pieces of real estate. To ensure every restaurant has the ideal location, design, and personality, an architect or designer is used to design the actual space around the people, the area, customer flow, etc.

The concept, according to Shaich, is centered on real artisan breads made by real bakers, good food that matches the quality of the breads, good people involved in the company at all levels, and an engaging atmosphere in which to serve the foods and let people associate. Panera’s roots are in local, sustainable food systems, and communities where the business can earn the trust of its public.

Assignment Development

Based on the video, the website below, and the summary, please answer these questions:
1.What are some ways you think Panera earns the trust of its public?
2.Visit Panera’s website (
1.Describe the site in your own words.

2.What stands out the most?

3.What do you like?

4.What do you dislike?

5.What is done well?

6.What would you improve? How?
Assignment Expectations


1. Answer the questions.

2. Combined, answers should be at least 250 words

3. Use a combination of your own ideas and content from the text.

4. APA format (see the APA tips announcement).
5. At least one citation from the case study along with a fully cited reference.


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