Operations Management

The name of the book :Operations Management: 10/e by Jay Heizer and Barry Render
Lesson 9 – ARead the case study “StateAutomobile License Renewals” on p. 376 in your text. Then answer the four
discussion questions at the end of the case study.

1. What is the maximum number of applications per hour that can be handled by the present configuration of the
process? Assume that no queues are allowed.

2. How many applications can be processed per hour if a second clerk is added to check for violations?

3. If the second clerk could be added anywhere you choose, and not necessarily to check for violations, what is
the maximum number of applications the process can handle? What is the new configuration?

4. How would you suggest modifying the process to accommodate 120 applications per hour? What is the cost per
application of this new configuration?

Lesson 9–BSolve all parts of Problem 9-11 in your text.

a.) What is the cycle time?
D=180 units, where D is the demand in the cycle.
T = 60 minutes, where T is the amount of time available.

b.) What is the theoretical minimum number of workstations that Rosen can achieve in this assembly line?
c.) Can the theoretical minimum actually be reached when workstations are assigned?

LessonNine – C.Work has just been completed on a new wing (in the form of a single corridor with offices on one
side only) of the building housing the School of Business. The dean decided to assign rooms in this wing to the
five faculty members in the Finance Department. The dean believes that he should do everything he can to
facilitate communication among his faculty, so he decided to assign particular rooms to these five professors
based upon the frequency with which they visited each other’s offices over the last month. The distance between
offices is 20 feet and the average number of trips per month is shown in the table below.
Able Prof
Baker Prof
Charles Prof
Delta Prof
Prof Able —
Prof Baker 87 —
Prof Charles 64 56 —
Prof Delta 37 32 91 —
Prof Easy 93 35 54 43 —

Find the room assignment that should minimize the total distance travelled by the professors in the new wing,
assuming of course that this pattern continues. You MUST show in detail how you got your answer in order to get
any credit for your solution even if it is correct.
Lesson 10–A Read the Ethical Dilemma case study on pp. 406 and 407 of your text.
a.) On your spouse’s recent move to Birmingham, you accepted a job perhaps somewhat naively, as a company nurse in
one of the McWane plants. After 2 weeks on the job you became aware of the work environment noted above.

b.) You are a contractor who has traditionally used McWane’s products, which meet specifications. McWane is
consistently the low bidder. Our customers are happy with the product.

c.) You are McWane’s banker.

d.) you are a supplier to McWane.

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