operant conditioning techniques

A. Utilize operant conditioning techniques to develop a strategy for changing the behavior of the client. Be
specific in identifying the reinforcement for the unwanted behavior and the method(s) of reinforcement you will
use. Your response should also indicate the most likely cause of this disorder from a behaviorist perspective.

B. The psychodynamic model provides a general guideline for the development of normal and abnormal behavior.
Overall, the model is comprised of numerous theories and approaches that follow a general trend for behavior
formation. Evaluate each of the theories contained in the psychodynamic approach as they are presented in your
course text. Explain what normal and abnormal behavior would be within the perspective of each theory. Provide a
reasoned interpretation of what unifies the various theories within the psychodynamic model.

C. Imagine you are a professor giving a lecture on the evolutionary importance of the sensory systems. Prepare
a summary of your argument. Identify which is the most important sensory system for human survival. Your
discussion should also indicate which system is the least important from the perspective of the “survival of the
fittest”. utilize at least one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last five years.

D. Identify a peer-reviewed, research study published within the last five years, and focuses on elucidating
the cause or a new treatment for insomnia. Be sure to include a discussion of theories surrounding this disorder
and how this research interacts with current theories.



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