Musical Appropriation, Listen to This ? Chapter 20, p. 177;

The Golijov Issue: Borrowed Music or Stolen, New Yorker, posted 2/21/12 –;

Composer?s originality questioned by critics, Eugene Register-Guard:

Strategies for Fair Use ? Purdue Online Writing Lab:

In your textbook, Mark Evan Bonds describes Musical Appropriation as the use or adaptation of a work to serve
something other than its original purpose. This is a practice that been well documented in the past and
continues to this day with sampling.

After reading these articles, consider the following questions: Under what conditions do you think it might be
ethical to appropriate someone else?s work for your own compositions? Do you consider Oscar Golijov?s use of
Michael Ward-Bergeman?s music within his own composition to be ethical? Explain.

Provide a musical example of your own that you think represents a form of musical appropriation. Be sure to
note at what point in the music this happens. Also describe what the original source of the music is, and how
this new setting differs from the original.

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