Movie Review

1. Film_Review_Assignment – Information for the film review.
2. Film List II – Select 1 movie from this list for the film review.
3. 50_Dates_Review – This is an EXAMPLE or GUIDELINE you can use to see what the professor is looking for so you can write a better film review.

Choose a movie from the attached pdf "Film List II.pdf." After you chose a film, you will need to be creative to find it at the least possible cost to you. There are a number of ways in which you can obtain a DVD of these films for your viewing: (1) video stores such as Movie Trading Company and Half-Price Bookstore and the few Blockbusters that remain; (2) on-line vendors such as Netflix (who has a free trial and now offers streaming videos), Amazon, and eBay; (3) your or your friends’ personal video collections; (3) the Richland library (with access to other DCCCD campuses), and (4) public libraries. While there may be a little cost for you to find the film you want to review, remember you saved the big expense of not having to buy a textbook for this course. Of course, if you have to purchase the film, you can re-sell it at Movie Trading Company or Half-Price Bookstore or on eBay. After you choose a film and view it, you will write a double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and a 3 to 5 page paper reviewing the film that addresses the following points: (1) why you chose this film, the actors, and what the film was about, emphasizing the story and main points, characters, plot, etc.; (2) identify and address the psychological issue(s) presented in the film while including information from the Slide Lectures (or any other credible source of information about psychology) into your discussion of the film; (3) what struck you about the film, what psychological lesson(s) you learned and how the film dramatized the issue(s); and, (4) your critical analysis, insights and conclusions concerning the film.


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