Movie Made America


Movie-Made America: A Cultural History of American Movies by Robert Sklar
1. What is the early evolution of the movie industry in America?
2. What kinds of battles did early filmmakers have to fight in terms of both financing and censorship?
3. What were some of the major court cases that helped shape the film industry?
4. How was the imagination of America captured by film AND the people who made the films?
5. How may we track the various changes in America history and culture, by focusing on the movies? What does
this industry tell us about ourselves as a nation?
6. What were the various changes that the industry went through as it matured? Explain the nature of these
changes, and how they reflect environmental and cultural concern?

Give your opinion of how well Sklar ‘told the story’ of the movie industry, and how it intersected with American
culture and society.
1. what did you learn, in this book that you never knew before (either about the movies, or America)?
2. Did you feel that the author was successful in his intention in writing this book? If not, then why not?
3. Finally, do you think that we can learn a lot about ourselves, as Americans, by watching American movies?
If not, then why not?

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