Mount Vernon

visit Mount Vernon and write a page paper detailing all of Washington’s operations there. Go inside the mansion

and ask how often the Washington entertained visitors. Did they do much decorating at Christmas? Why or why not?
Go down to the wharf by the river and see if you can find out whether or not fishing offered much income. From
there, walk over to the 16-sided barn and find out how it worked. Take a look at the slave cabin near the 16-sided
barn. Based on what you see represented there, does it appear that Washington took relatively good care of his
slaves, or not? Go back up to the mansion and visit the Washington’s flower garden. What kind of trees do they
have trellised on the North fence? What else do you notice about the gardens? What can you say about Washington’s
grist mill and distilling operation? Summarize Washington’s operations at Mount Vernon. From all you have learned,
does it appear that Washington was a successful businessman?

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