the eight motivation theories discussed in the book and class are:

1 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

2 Alderfer’s ERG Theory
3 Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory
4 McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory
5 Equity Theory
6 Expectancy Theory
7 Reinforcement Theory
8 Goal Setting Theory
1. Selecting from the motivation theories above, choose two of the theories that you think best explain Dick Solomon’s attempts to motivate the waitress. Be explicit in linking how both Dick’s and the waitress’ specific behaviors and comments relate to the specific aspects of each theory and how that theory explains why Dick’s strategy was either successful or not. Common sense explanations are not sufficient; you have to explain it using the theories.

2. Using a motivation theory different from the ones you used in the first question, which motivation theory could Dick use to increase the success of his attempts to motivate the waitress? Explain in detail again linking specific aspects of each theory to the situation.

3. Use equity theory and reinforcement theory to explain what you think influenced Tommy and Harry’s behaviors in front of the fast food restaurant. Take into account their explanation to Dick right after they get home.



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