most common causes of death

1. identify and describe the six most common causes of death due to unintentional injuries.
B. Define supervision, incidental learning and negligence. What are rules? What are four criteria that the
textbook says that rules should be based on?
2. identify the ABC’s for assessing emergencies and give a description of each one.
B. Identify 4 early indications of shock and 4 later, and more serious signs of shock. Describe the three degrees
of burns.
C. When a child burns his fingers, what is the immediate first aid care.
D. What are 4 characteristics of heat stroke?
3. identify neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.
B. What groups of professionals are mandated to report suspected abuse/neglect.
C. What are 5 qualities of a “special” child?
D. In the section on Strategies for positive Behavior Management, identify the 6 strategies given and write a 2  sentence description of each of them.




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