Marketing Communications campaigns to raise awareness

You are a new business team in Bright Sparks the innovative marketing communications consultancy. You specialise
in developing high impact yet economical marketing communications programmes for small charities.

Your client is Richard House Children’s Hospice, a charity based in Newham, East London who care and support
life-limited children and children with complex healthcare conditions and their families. They accompany them
during the child or young person’s journey, creating positive experiences along the way that become good memories
for the future.

Research the market for charitable fundraising in the UK, in particular childrens’ health related charities
• Come up with your proposals for, branding, logo and other items of visual identity.
• Develop the USPs and key messages for the market and chosen audiences
• Develop a fully integrated Marketing Communications Plan including timelines and activities
• Develop samples of proposed advertising copy and audio visual materials
• Develop instruments and metrics for measuring brand awareness

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