1. Describe the product by analyzing its customer value equation it offers in terms of the four utilities of customer value.

2. Explain how the marketing process will be applied to the promotion of the product you’ve selected. How would you develop, execute and measure a campaign for this product?

3. Applying your knowledge of the four p’s of the marketing mix, describe how you would apply the segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) approach to market the product, and how you might incorporate the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) philosophy into your marketing program.

4. Analyze and explain the major environmental factors and trends in those countries that might affect sales of the product?

5. Who are currently the largest customers of that product in the home market, and who would be its likely customers abroad?

6. Analyze the competition of the product category in the foreign market you’ve identified. Describe the nature of competition in that product category.

7. Describe the U.S. and international ethical marketing considerations.



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