Manufacturing Industry Evaluation

compare their products and prices to that of their competitors in order to make necessary adjustments or arrangements that will help to create equilibrium with companies operating at their pace. Equilibrium happens when the supply and the demand levels are at the same. If equilibrium is there, prices do not usually change. Adjustments are only needed when in the long-run economic profits are eliminated. In this case, the company needs to find ways to efficiently utilize their resources in order to decrease production costs, so they can remain profitable.
A perfect competitive company is associated with efficiency for both the consumers and the business itself because they are able to offer their products at reasonable price or prices while still making a profit for themselves. This type of company (perfectly competitive) would be considered operating at maximum efficiency, since they are likely maximizing the uses of their resources they have in order to maximize profits. Also, this means that company is producing the products that people want at the least possible cost they can.
Ralph Ellison’s;Battle Royale
It is a five paged critique on Ralph Ellison’s story, "Battle Royale". I need five cited works critiqing this story. It has to be from two books and three magazines or the other way around. I’d like to have at least three references per page. I also have to interject my own thoughts too. The paper will cover the story’s style, structure, theme and the characterzations of some of the main characters in the story. The work cited page should have it’s own page. I liked how you wrote the last one without using alot of big words, but yet, got your point across very well. The story "Battle Royale" can be found in the same book "Funeral Blues" was in. The workbook is called "Making Literature Matter", An Anthologh for Readers and Writers. Thank you in advance. James.


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