Manitoba unemployment rate forecast.

1)clearly distinguish between employment, unemployment and the unemployment rate.
2) analyze the provincial labour market, and in particular give some attention to demand side and supply side
aspects of that labour market
3)make use of the most recent data
4)consider recent trends and developments, but it is probably not necessary to consider and analyze data from
before 2007.
5)indicate and explain to what extent, if at all, the unemployment that you anticipate can be characterized as
fritional structural and /or cyclical unemployment.
7)try to assess, as best you can, the “upside risks”and the “downside risks” that might make the actual
unemployment rate for the 3rd quarter of 2013 significantly lower (due to upside risks) or significantly
higher (due to downside risks) than what you are forecasting.
8)be sure to clearly indicate what the source is for all of the data and information that you use in this
report. in other words, provide clear references so that the reader of the report can easily find and check  any data or information.

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