Management Position

Management Position

The controlling function of management is less glamorous than planning and leading, but can have major implications for the success of an organization by increasing efficiencies. Read the Manager as a Person box about Bob Iger and Disney on page 275 of the textbook as well as the linked articles and answer the questions listed below.

Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words and prepared as a Word document (1 inch margins, 12-point Times Roman font) using APA formatting to cite and reference sources. Use the following structure (the title page and references section do not count toward the 500 minimum word requirement):

A title page with your name, the course name, the assignment title, and date
Introduction section (a brief 2-3 sentence section describing the topic of your paper)
Disney’s Structure and Culture section
Iger’s Approach to Organizational Control section
Efficiency Gains section
Conclusion section
References section
Supplemental articles:

Disney retools planning division (2005):,0,1532692.story

Disney Continues Restructuring of Executive Ranks for Parks Division:

Disney Continues Restructuring of Executive Ranks for Parks Division

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Reorganizes to Create a “One-Disney” Experience:

Questions (in preparing your position paper, be sure to answer the following questions and include in the appropriate sections of your paper):

Visit the Company Overview page of Disney’s website ( and describe its basic structure. How does this structure help the organization be effective and efficient in reaching its goals?
Using material from Chapter 8 in the textbook (e.g., control, change), how has Iger’s leadership helped (or hindered) Disney achieve a balance between control and change?
From what you’ve read about Disney’s restructuring initiatives, what efficiencies appear to have been gained?


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