Literary Analysis Research paper

Develop a three-page response to ONE of the following questions.  You should include a standard introduction, body, and conclusion.  In addition, you are required to use at least two outside sources to support your response.  You can start by referencing the MLA bibliography database for articles about O’Connor’s works or about the general topics below (Gothic in literature, violence in literature, Christianity/Catholicism).  You should use the standard MLA format for a Works Cited page and parenthetical documentation.

Choose ONE of the following prompts and choose ONE of the stories we read to develop your response:
1.    Discuss O’Connor’s use of violence in one of the short stories you read.  How does the use of violence help her develop her theme?  Be sure to draw quotes from the story to support your response.

2.    How are elements of the “gothic” at work in the story you chose?  What does her use of gothic conventions help develop in this story?

3.    Some have called O’Connor the only great Christian writer the U.S. has ever produced.  How do you see her ideas of Christianity at work in the story you chose?  How does what you find contribute to the theme of the story.


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