Leukotriene Antagonists as First-Line or Add-on Asthma-Controller Therapy


Write a paper based on these questions below.
You do not need to write introduction and conclusion. Please just write about these questions. Thank you.

? What type of data is being assessed (nominal, ordinal, continuous)

? Are the statistical tests used to evaluate the data appropriate

? Is the effect size clinically relevant
? Evaluate the results in absolute values and calculate number needed to treat (NNT), if applicable.
? Were subgroups and/or secondary endpoints evaluated? If so what significance can we take from them?

? What type of data is being analyzed?
? Is the data parametric or non-parametric?
? Is the data paired or unpaired?

? Is the test appropriate for the data?

? What is the sample size?
? Is the study enrollment enough to detect a difference?
? What endpoint(s) was the trial powered to detect?
? Is the effect size clinically relevant?
? Can you calculate a NNT?
? Can you calculate a NNH?
? Was it an ITT or per-protocol analysis? How does this impact the analysis of the results?
? Were subgroups analyzed? Were these analyses planned a priori? Are the results of these subgroup analyses
? Do patients need to be stratified?

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