legg’s and Mathew Dickman’s prescription for eudaimonia

sketch Bill Clegg’s and Mathew Dickman’s prescription for eudaimonia. Be sure to support your interpretation with textual evidence. By this I mean that you should cite specific scenes and dialogue from the memoir and likewise that you should analyze specific lines and images from the poems. You may want to use Aristotle’s definition of eudaimonia as a point of reference. Further, the most diligent students might consult one of the works listed below for more context and examples about the philosophic debate over the good life. However, do not get too involved with outside research. The assignment is to interpret within the memoir and the poems and to present to the reader with what you take these writers to be saying about living an excellent life.
You do not need to include a works cited page unless you reference a work other than Ninety Days or All- American Poem.


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