Language as symbolic interaction

Question 1-Dell Hymes and the New Language Policy Studies
Answer the following:
• What counts as language?
• What counts as knowledge?
• What is an example of a language problem?
• What is an example of proper language use?


Question 2-“Gimme Room” Dr. Perry Gilmore

Explain how a student’s attitude can affect a classroom.
Do you think a student should be graded on his/her behavior? Please explain in detail.

Question 3-A reflection

Reflect on the following quote taken from Dr. Gilmore’s “Gimme Room”: School Resistance, Attittude, and Access to
“A study of attitude and literacy proved more to be a study of alignment and socio-economic status. The key
factor for success in this school community seems to be demonstration of alignment with, if not allegiance to, the
school’s ethos–which in turn is compatible with, if not reflective of, the dominant ethos of the community.”

Question 4-We call it Our Language–Dr. Perry Gilmore
comment on Dr. Gimore’s remarkable discovery of a pidgin language
used by Colin and Sadiki.

What are the indications of this discovery?

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