Internet Research Project

1. Visit the following site:
a. Describe what the SBA is about.
b. At the top left, click on the red tab “Small business planner.” Briefly describe the four areas of managing your business from start to finish.

2. Select any search engine you want. NOTE: You should use the same search engine for both parts a & b of this question.
a. Do the following search: “accounting education” Which search engine did you use? How many hits did you get? Select any 2 and summarize.
b. Now, do a search of the phrase accounting education. Use the same search engine as in a above and state.
How many hits did you get? Select any 2 and summarize.
c. Why was the number of hits different in search (a) than in search (b)?
3. Visit the following web site:
a. At the left, click on “Facts about the FASB”. Then click on “Mission of the FASB” “An Independent Structure.” Summarize.
b. At the left, click on “International”. What is the International Accounting Standards Board?(Hint: Click on “Convergence with the IASB” at the bottom.) Summarize.
c. At the left, click on “Action Alert.” Then click on Current Issues. Select one and summarize.
4. Visit the following web site:
a. Scroll up to the search box. Enter incorporation and hit GO. Beneath the search box, please be sure to select “Search the Entire Site”.
b. Select “How to form a corporation.”(in blue under the search box.) Please do not attempt to explain how to form a CA corporation. Write a paragraph summarizing each of the steps listed. (NOTE: One paragraph is required per each step.)

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