international business experience


You are expected to research and develop the following based on a country

1. Benefit / costs / risks assessment of the target country.
2. Analyse the comparative advantage of the target countryusing any of the comparative advantage theoretical
construct or discussion.
3. Discuss the future outlook of the countryusing the Porter’s Diamond. All the elements of the Porter’s diamond
must be used.
Your assignment must identify and discuss the following:

part 1
– Interpret the country’s political & economic structures & discuss its cultural attitudes,
– Depict the nature of the country’s international trade – now & historically(say 25 years ago),
– Characterise the government’s attitude to international trade, both outward & inward,
– Identify the potential for formal economic co-operation with other nations through relevant trade groupings,

part 2
Interpret your view of the country’s international trade using some of the explanatory theories from the course –
describe the nature of advantage, consider two other theories of trade, & summarise the current position using the
extended form of Porter’s Diamond of National Competitiveness (which includes Chance Events, Government, & Foreign
Multinational Business Activities),
– Make & justify recommendations for possible improvements to the nation’s current international trade  strategy.



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