Infant and Toddler Learning and Development Experiential Essay

Use the essay template below to write an experiential essay.

Definition of Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation

A concrete experience describes in detail the specific professional or personal activity or event that led to your realization of an important principle. Describe the nature of the experience, the depth and breadth of the experience, and other experiences contributing to the knowledge gained.
1. What did I do? Where? When? For how long? Why?
2. How many other people were involved? Is my role, responsibility, and contribution clear compared to the group or committee?
3. What was the extent of my involvement? What were my specific duties or tasks?
4. What techniques, methods, or procedures did I use? Why?
5. What were my goals and objectives? How did they influence my approach?
6. What resources did I use?
Reflective observation describes the thought process involved in analyzing a specific concrete experience and deriving an important concept or lesson from that event. Describe and analyze the effects of your experience.
1. What were my thought processes? What were the considerations, decisions, and rationale?
2. What did I notice? Trends? Patterns? Differences? Similarities? Relationships?
3. What was important, significant, different, unique?
4. What worked and what did not work?
5. What can I say in retrospect?
6. What ideas and insights have I had?



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