Using the format in Delahaye and Smith, 1998 (Reading 2-2 from reading resource book) as a guide, create a training session plan. The session plan should provide training in a ‘practical skill’. The session should go for at least one (1) hour, and contain at least four (4) topics or activities (in addition to the introduction, assessment and conclusion).

If you are uncertain about the ‘practical skill’ you have chosen, discuss it with your Lecturer or Course Coordinator before commencing the session plan.

The session plan must include:
1. At least one (1) instructionally-sound learning objective.
2. Supporting information about location, layout, equipment (including training aids) and materials, and reasons for these.
3. Activities/ prerequisites to be done before commencing the training session.
4. An introduction and a conclusion.
5. Content linked to training activities (including topic/activity timings).
6. Instructions for the trainer to allow them to conduct at least one (1) self-managed activity.
7. A valid assessment activity including justification of why it was chosen.

In this assessment you should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered in Modules 2 and 3 of this course.

Although this is a predominantly practical assessment item, you are expected to read additional readings and provide proper referencing for these sources. You are required to support your argument with appropriate theoretical discussion and references.


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