HR practices and policies with the organization’s culture or business objectives

Assume that you are a HR expert engaged by this organization to improve its fit
between the HR practices and strategic objectives. Examine the organization’s existing
HR practices, determine if there is a good fit between its HR practices

The Assignment:
In the company that you’ve chosen, determine the organizational culture or its
business objectives. Evaluate the contribution of human resource management to the
success (or otherwise) of this organization, focusing on the alignment of HR practices
and policies with the organization’s culture or business objectives. When undertaking
this assignment, consider the following questions:

1. What is the firm’s organizational culture or strategic business objectives?
2. What are the existing HR policies, practices and investments? Do these policies
support the organization’s culture or objectives?
3. How are these HR policies, practices and investments connected to the
organization’s culture or objectives? If they don’t support the organization’s
culture/business objectives, why?
4. How could the firm’s HRM policies, practices and investments be more
effective in supporting the organization’s culture or business objectives? What
recommendations would you provide? What could be done in the firm’s HRM
to improve the firm’s relative performance in the industry or even to the extent
of generating some form of sustained competitive advantage?

You will need to support your write-up with facts (e.g: through the company data,
interviews with the managers in the organization) from a company.


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