how your selected retailer uses social media to build relationship

Retailer Relationships

Select a national established or very regionally strong retailer that you are interested in. Write a four to five
(4-5) paper in which you:
Describe how you selected the retailer and explain your rationale.
Describe how your selected retailer uses social media to build relationships with its customers.
Research what this retailer did in the 1990s, pre-social media, to build relationships. Compare the 1990s method
to the social media method used today. (Is it better off now or how it was before?)
Explain how this retailer’s nontraditional forms of retailing have evolved over the last 20 years. Suggest a new
nontraditional retailing method that this retailer could take advantage of that it is not currently using.

Describe the special characteristics of retailing and the importance of building and sustaining relationships.
Explain the process of strategic planning in retailing and the characteristics of ownership.
Describe the evolution of retail institutions and forms of nontraditional retailing.
Examine the characteristics of retail institutions based on ownership type.
Examine nonstore retailing, electronic retailing, and nontraditional retailing approaches.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in retail management.


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