HIV Nutrition

HIV Case Study Questions:

1.  Study Mr. Long’s “usual dietary intake”. What concerns you about the foods and drinks he
consumes ?  Make a list.

2.  Go to your textbook. Read, study and make a list of nutrient recommendations listed on

3.  Study Mr. Longs “chief complant” in the case study. What two things get your attention
as a nutritionist?

4.  Read and study the posted information on alcohol use and immunity. Note alcohol’s effect
on certain immune cells? What would you tell a person infected with HIV about alcohol use?

5.   List the “common nutrition diagnoses” seen in HIV patients according to Krause.

6.   Study the “food-drug” interactions listed in Krause (related to ART medications).

7.  Study your textbook section on HIV Associated Lipodystrophy. Explain .

8.   Study the Table in Krause of Common Micronutrient Deficiencies. Explain .

9.   Go to .  Understand the disease and how it is spread. Study this information
and write at least 5 sentences on that .

10.  Go to:
List the HIV risk factors noted in this web site.  Which risk factors does Mr. Long have?

11.  What does seropositive mean?

12. Study Krause . Makes notes to yourself regarding the
latency period seen in HIV.

13.  What is Mr. Long’s CD4 count?  Study Krause’s information on CD4 count and ART drugs.
When is ART usually started?

14.   Go to:
What is thrush?  What causes it?  What is its relationship in HIV infected patients?

15.  Mr. Long is taking supplements and botanicals. Of those which he is taking, which are
known to have a benefit according to your power points? List them.



1. Firstly, define Population Geography; then, proceed to FULLY explain, illustrate AND exemplify (2 countries per cycle) the Demographic Transition Model Theory.

a) Population Geography:

b) Demographic Transition Model (or Population Cycle Theory):

2. Without defining Religion Geography, firstly discuss why the study of religion is important for geographers. Secondly, proceed to identify and FULLY explain the difference between:

a) Importance of “religion” for geographers:

b) Universalizing Religions:

c) Ethnic Religions:

3. Firstly, define & exemplify (2) what is meant by “Lingua Franca”; then, proceed to explain and discuss in an adequate substantive manner both statements to follow below.

a) Lingua Franca:

b) “The American English Language is product of an evolutionary deterioration of British English.”

c) “Ebonics and Spanglish are product of an evolutionary deterioration of American English.”

4. Firstly, define “Migration Geography”; then, proceed to identify, fully discuss, and exemplify three “push” and three “pull” factors that explain some of the reasons for migrating.

5. Explain, the conceptual difference between “isolated cultures” and
“popular cultures”. Additionally, proceed to identify three threats to
Popular national cultures, and fully explain why, and in what sense are
these threats actually perceived as threatening.


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