Historical development and linguistics features

essay describing the historical development and linguistics features.

describe the historical development and linguistic features that characterize your language of interest. Over the
length of this course you should have collected a list of page numbers from the textbook that relate to the
language you have chosen. Now is the time to gather that information as a starting point for this essay.

The Maricopa District Course Outline for SLC201 is included below to help organize your thoughts. You do not need
to include all of these elements, but the outline should help refresh your memory and provide some possible
subtopics for the essay.
I. The nature of language
A. What is language?
B. Human vs. animal communication
III. World languages
A. Typologies of world languages
B. Language diversity
C. Written systems of various world languages
V. Linguistic structure and functions of language
A. Phonemes
B. Morphemes
C. Syntax
D. Lexicon
VII. Language variation
A. Language vs. dialect
B. Regional and social variation and language change
C. Languages in contact and bilingualism
IX. Pragmatics
A. Appropriate use of language according to situation and social factors
B. Written vs. oral discourse
XI. Language learning/acquisition
A. Language and the brain
B. First and second language acquisition
Your Final Essay should run approximately one and a half to two double-spaced pages in length and it will be
graded according to the following rubric:

Essay includes accurate and adequate information on the historical development of the language of choice. Multiple
examples of characteristic linguistic features highlight the uniqueness of the language. Comparisons to English  and/or other languages may be included.



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