Health Promotion Plan on Substance Abuse

Target population: teenagers 13-14 year olds

Develop Health Promotion Teaching Plan using the Nursing Process format. Under the introduction portion of your
paper, Identify – 1. A “problem” you have noticed and why YOU think this is a problem for the group YOU have
selected to write a health teaching plan on. Ex. Why this is a problem for the aggregate group (i.e. adults,
adolescence, elderly, children) you have chosen. 2. Provide “support” for your problem from the literature you
will read for the problem and aggregate group you have selected by citing quotes. 3. Please make sure that your
problem and Nursing Diagnosis stems from the literature. 4. Make sure to include short term and long term goals
for your plan, but that goes in the body of you paper not in the chart. 5. Then list a plan, intervention you
developed, rationale

Develop an evaluation process to ensure that your interventions achieved or not achieved your goals.



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