Groundwater Investigations and Management

1. Consider the Mundubbera Geologic Map in Module 4.1. Explain why the regions have been highlighted and what it
means to the linear fence diagram appearing below the map.

2. Identify what information you need to develop an accurate potentiometric surface map.

3. Using the Case Study: Regional Flow Systems in the Coastal Zone of the Southeastern United States (Fetter,
pp255-262), write a summary of this Case Study.

What effect do you believe saltwater intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico might have on groundwater extraction in
the vicinity of the Tampa- St Petersburg region on the west coast of Florida?

4. In approximately 200 words, discuss how artificial recharge could be used to prevent saltwater intrusion along
any coastline where over-extraction of groundwater has become a problem.

5. Discuss how you might use hydrographs to estimate the safe yield of an aquifer.



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