global trends in educational policy development and implementation.

Analyze and critically assess issues in an area of technology relevant to their career though the integration and application of concepts and knowledge from across educational management and policy development contexts.

Evaluate and recommend appropriate solutions to a range of educational management and policy issues in the light of current research in technology and its impact on education.

Propose and evaluate strategies to improve educational outcomes in local and educational contexts through the synthesis of content and skills and technology.

Evaluate technology and its use in educational settings in the UAE in terms of its alignment with the values and beliefs of the UAE, and their social and environmental impact.

Demonstrate the ability to select and integrate appropriate information and educational technologies in modern educational management contexts.

Explain the intended and unintended effects of policy implementation on educators, students, parents and educational leaders in reference to local and international exemplars. Identify and analyse local and global trends in educational policy development and implementation.

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