gene technologies

gene technologies
real data set generated by current gene technologies or dev elop a computational solution (e.g. software, database). Then you have to think
about the experimental question that you want to address and develop / implement an analysis strategy or computational method that allow
answer the experimental question .Then you will analysesthe data using computational and statically approaches and interpretthe results
Finally ,present and discuss your findings.

1- The topic is (Estimation of genetic variability between populations)

2- work on a

scientific problem (read the literature about the topic and data analysis

3- work on your analysis or software development project(

the primerto analysis of Genomic Data using R(

4- see how you results fit then start write every thing in paper and use

latex program.

Not , please find the attached to see ev erything about the project assignment.

-The topic is (Estimation of genetic

variability between populations)

you will find in the attached the data that you are need to work on it.

Also you will find file

name (unite Guide in pages 20 to 24 you will find all the requirement for the report (pleas read it carefully).

Also you will find

example report.

when start write the report use Latex mingling program to write it.

when you start analysis the data uses R

ro ram www.r- ro’ect.or
PUsge ABX refereeice. 9


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