Gender and Work

For this option, develop a topic related to representations of work and gender in popular culture.
You could examine how diverse current advertising is, for example. For such a project, you need
to collect a sufficient number of examples of one kind of advertising (in magazines or on
television, for example), and research the following questions:

1. What products are getting sold?
2. How are these products pitched?
3. Based on the medium for the ads (the show, the magazine), who is the target audience?
4. Are these products pitched to men? To women? To both?
5. What ethnic groups are represented in a sample of twenty ads?
Once you have the answers to questions like these, you are ready to draft your essay!
Alternatively, you could examine how work and gender are represented in a favorite serial, as we
proposed for CSI-shows in the lecture ?Conducting and Reporting on Research?. You may recall
that the four main research questions for such a project are:

1) Are there an equal number of male and female scientists on the shows?

2) Do men and women do the same type of work in the shows?

3) How are the male characters portrayed?

4) How are the female characters portrayed?

Introduction with research topic and/or research questions ___________
Paragraphs presenting findings from research ___________
Paragraphs presenting reflections about findings ___________
Conclusion paragraph(s) ___________
Citations and references ___________

Ideas & Content:

Do you clearly identify the research topic and/or research questions? ___________
Do you discuss materials from your inquiry that answer your research
questions? ___________
Do you summarize and explain researched material sufficiently? ___________
Do you use good transitions and cite your sources? ___________
Do you discuss ideas from two of our readings? ___________
Do you support your discussion with appropriate examples? ___________
Do you report your findings in a well-organized sequence? ___________
Do you present your own reflections about your findings? ___________

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