Firm Strategy Analysis: Focus on Key Issues. Use Exhibits for Details.

A.    Financial Analysis – Projections of future earnings via pro-forma financial statements or other financial analyses adds depth and credibility to your proposal. You are required to create a detailed Exhibit of this information.  You should include the following information:

i.    Three year timeline of major milestones
ii.    Three year (brief) pro forma financials:
a.    Anticipated revenues
b.    Major sources of costs, including corporate taxes, startup costs
c.    Anticipated net income
d.    Expected growth rate
e.    Essential information: Your assumptions, estimates

iii.    Major Competitors Analysis – Who are your firm’s major competitors (names and brands)? How do they perform financially in comparison with your company? Are they a threat to your company’s operations in the host country you have chosen? Why? How can you overcome them?  Discuss the major advantages and disadvantages for your company.

iv.    Firm Mode of Entry- Which mode of entry into the foreign market should be selected?  Pertinent factors surrounding this mode (e.g., import regulations, customs, payment methods, etc.) should then be covered.

i.    Discuss how you will implement your proposed entry method
a.    Timeline of store expansion or product rollout
b.        Major risks, obstacles: How will you deal with them?

v.     Firm Social Responsibility – what is the company doing (or can the company do) to be socially responsible both in its home country and in its host market?

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