Finkler, S. A. (2010). Financial management for public, health, and not-for-profit organizations (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Millbridge Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive physical exams. The charge per exam is $100 while the variable cost per exam is $65. Thirty percent of the patients that come for exams are private pay. They must pay the full charge.
Seventy percent of the patients are covered by an insurance company that has an agreement with the clinic that reduces the charge by 20%. The clinic has $ 210,000 in fixed costs per year.

How many exams must the clinic provide in order to break even?
The fixed costs of running a fund- raising dinner for Meals for the homeless are $10,000 and the variable costs are $75 per attendee. The facility where the event is being held can accomodate 500 people.


1) If Meals charged $275 per ticket, how many people would have to attend the gala for the organization to break even on the event?
2) If Meals harged $300 per ticket, the contribution margin from each ticket sold would be:______________________.
3)If 500 people attend the event, how much does the organization have to charge each attendee to earn a profit of $100,000? (Assume costs from the original problem are the same)
Millbridge Animal Protective Services (MAPS) is planning its spring awards dinner as a fund raising- event. Its planning to charge each attendee $150. Feast Hall, the site of the dinner, will charge MAPS $5000 for the use of its posh VIP ROOM AND $50 PER PLATE OF FOOD. The VIP room has a capacity of 180 people. Rocky Mount and the Tar Heels (one band) will provide the entertainment for their standard performance fee of $1000 per night.
1) How many people would need to attend in order for MAPS to break even?
2) If MAPS SELLS 100 tickets for the dinner, what is the average cost to MAPS FOR EACH PERSON WITH A TICKET?

PPO of the Millbridge Township (PPOMT) sells health benefit plans to local employers. The organization charges its clients (local employers) $50 for each office visit provided to a covered employee. PPOMT contracts with individual physicians to provide the office visits to its health plan beneficiaries. the organization pays pays its contracted physicians a fee of $40 for each new patient visit and $30 for each follow-up visit. 20% of all office visits are new patients visits. PPOMT maintains an office building where all routine office visits are conducted. The organization pays $6000 in occupancy expenses each month for the building. PPOMT also incurs monthlu staffing costs of $12,000 for maintenance and administrative staff at its facility.
1) How many office visits must PPOMT deliver to break even?
2) Assuming that PPOMT’s facility is open 21 days in a typical month, how much profit will it earn if each of its five contracted physicians sees an average 12 patients each day?

You are given the folowing information about WE-SAVE-UM animal rescue (WSU):

Number of dogs rescued and placed at WSU are 600
average length of stay for a dog is 10 days
Daily cost to feed one dog per day 90 cents (.90)
Number of veterinary visits per dog are 1.2
Cost per veterinary visit is $35
Cost of spay/neuter and transportation per dog rescued is $45
Cost of kennel and related equipment is $300,000 useful life of the kennel and related equipment is 20 years
WSU uses straight-line depreciation
Salvage value of the kennel and related equipment is $0.00
WSU has 3 fulltime employees. An executive director, who earns $40,00 per year, and evaluator/trainer who earns $30,000 per year and a kennel manager who earns $25,000. Fringe benefits are equal to 25% of each employees annual salary.

WSU expects to place all of the dogs that it takes into the program by the last day of the fiscal year. It charges an adoption fee of $225.00 per dog. Experience has shown that 15% of the people elect to make an additional donation to WSU at the time of the adoption. Historically these extra donations have averaged $200. In addition, WSU has an active fundraising program and expects to raise $40,000 in donations during the fiscal year.

The executive director wants to know how manydogs she has to place next year to break even?? Calculate WSU’s break even.

Calbrese City allocated some indirect and overhead costs to each of its police stations. The city charges each station for common services such as city food service and for administrative services such as payroll. For the coming year, the Washington Square Police Station will have a total budget allocation of $1,4000,00. That will be its only revenue. All direct and indirect charges have to be paid from the budgeted amount.
Each police station must pay $100,000 for processing ots payroll. In addition, once arrests are made, the prisoners spend a day or two in the local police station where the city must feed them. On average, the City Food Service charges each police station $40.00 for meal service for each arrest.
The station would like to maximize its number of arrests to reduce the number of criminals on the street. However, more arrests require not only more food, but also more police officers.
The personnel employed by the Washington Square Station are supervisors, desk clerks, and police officers. The minimum staffing levels based on total budgeted arrests are as follows:
Annual Number of Arrests 0-1000 require 11 Police Officers, 6 Desk Clerks and 6 Supervisors
Annual Number of Arrest 1001-2000 require 12 police officers, 6 desk clerks, 2 Supervisors
Annual Number of arrests 2001-3000 require 12 police officers, 7 Desk Clerks, 2 Supervisors
Annual Nuber of arrests 3001-4000 require 13 police officers, 8 desk clerks, 3 Supervisors

Annual salaries for each employee are as follows: Supervisors -$68,500
desk clerk $59,000, and police officers $54,000. Note that this police station cannot process more than $4,000 arrests per year.

Calculate the maximun number of arrests that Wahington Square can budget and still expect to break even for the coming year?
Millbridge Ambulance Service has been considering consolidating their three locations into just @ locations. The location they are considering closing currently costs $155,000 to operate. If the location is closed, the ambulances from that location would be moved to the other two locations. The savings from the closure would be partially offset by increased expenses at the 2 remaining locations. Millbridge will lose $40,000 of state subsidy if they close the location. They only want to close the location if the closure results in an overall financial improvement. the current costs of the location are as follows:

Salaries of staff- $80,000
Rent- $20,000
General/Administ- $20,000
Supplies- $25,000

Total- $155,000

The general and administrative expenses of $20,000 are an allocation of costs from the central office. The costs of the central office are not affected by the existence of a specific locations. If the locations is closed, the staff would be transferred to the other 2 locations and then lease will be cancelled, so there will be no rent or repairs and maintenance. While they wont purchase supplies for this location, the supply cost of the other 2 locations will rise by 20,000.

What should Millbridge do and why?



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