Financial projections about Coca Cola Company

The report is about coca cola company having a new vending machine that changes the prices and the temperature of the drinks depending on the climate and depending on the bottling and the size of the drink.
Give theĀ  financial statements that are explained below.

An itemised list of estimated initial once-off establishment costs to show total establishment costs.

An itemised list of estimated on-going costs with each one calculated on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis as appropriate.

Estimates of any income or revenue expected from the project for the period of the project (up to 3 years) and operating expenses to show profit or surplus. This can be estimated on a monthly or annual basis as long as you can show the totals for the duration of their project (which could be anything from several months up to three years, depending on the requirements of your project.)

A simple Profit and loss statement showing the profit or loss on the project and the total amount of initial and ongoing funding needed for the project.

You should be able to calculate a crude return on investment by taking annual profit divided by the set up costs, or a crude payback period by dividing the annual profit into the set up costs to work out the number of years it will take to pay back the initial investment. If there is no return you need to justify the outlay in terms of other benefits or perhaps longer term impact on income.

Details behind your calculations should be shown in an appendix with appropriate annotations and referencing to show sources of any figures you have used in your calculations such as salary rates and costs for particular items.

There needs to be a clear statement about the funds being requested in your ?bid?. If your project will return profits then this will most likely be limited to the amount of the initial establishment costs. If the project will not return profits then the losses must be added to the initial set up costs to determine the amount of the bid.

You need to show evidence of where ALL your figures and estimates came from with appropriate CITATIONS using Harvard referencing.

You need only show summary figures in the actual Business Plan document and have your detailed spreadsheet calculations (with appropriate references) in an Appendix.

Remember your business plan is a competitive bid for funds and the management needs a clear idea of the likely bottom line of its commitment to the project if it accepts it. The notion of risks to the budget and alternative scenarios (pessimistic and optimistic) can also be shown in the Appendix and briefly referred to in the section on financial estimates to clarify how the estimate was arrived at.

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