Extra Credit for Physiology

Below are several questions that are controversial issues currently in medicine.  You should complete a 3-5 page essay describing the controversy, including both sides of the issue.  You may also include your opinion if you wish to do so.  Each assignment can be worth a maximum of 20 points and you may complete 1 essays throughout the course of the semester. In order to receive the full 20 points I must feel like you did extra research outside of the notes and textbook and that you answered the questions in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. You should cite your sources; plagiarism will result in a zero on the assignment.

Are patients being undermedicated for pain?

Should growth hormones be administered to children who will be shorter than average but not of abnormal height?

Should stem cell research be allowed and if so, to what extent?

Are holistic approaches to medicine valid?

Do vaccines cause problems, such as autism, in children?

Are autoimmune disorders caused by malfunctions of the immune system or due to viruses?

Should certain illegal substances, such as marijuana, be legal for medicinal purposes?

Should people be able to choose certain characteristics of their unborn babies, such as gender, using new technologies that were developed to eliminate the risk of certain genetic disorders?

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