Existing policy stance taken by the relevant Canadian government(s)

Essay Assignment
In your essay, explain the existing policy stance taken by the relevant Canadian government(s), either federal or provincial, in a given policy area. Use the bulk of

the essay to outline (a) what explains this particular policy stance or approach, comparing it to previous policy and potentially to policy in other countries, and (b)

suggest reasons why the policy should be changed or maintained, with careful reference to the existing policy debates. In sum, you are being asked to give an account

of Canadian policy in a particular field and to state your preferred policy output/outcome using the latest empirical evidence. Pretend that your reader initially

disagrees with you and attempt to convince them to change their mind. Be sure to also consider whether your proposed solutions or reforms, if you feel they are

desirable or required, are feasible politically, given what we have discussed in the course. Among the policy areas you may choose are: monetary policy, taxation,

health care, post-secondary education, unemployment insurance, social assistance, housing, immigration, climate change, resource development, multiculturalism, child

care, public pensions, financial regulation, telecommunications, and agriculture. Some of these policy areas are big and complicated, so you may want to narrow the

topic down somewhat by focusing on one particular aspect of policy in that area (e.g., income vs. consumption taxes in the case of taxation, or levels of benefits in

unemployment insurance or pensions).

1) What is the polyvariation you are trying to explain? Why is this policy the way it is?
2) What are the key factors that cause the variation? Why is this policy like this in a certain country but not in another?
3)What is your policy recommendation?

(Part V, Political Globalization 1: The Demise of the Nation-State?, pp217-256, especially Ohmae (pp.223 – 227)and Garrett, (pp.247 – 255))

Steger, M., 2009: Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press (Chapter 4: ‘The political dimension of globalisation’, pp58-70)


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