Executive Express Café Survey

the analysis of data from the 2012 Executive Express Café survey. The café’s employees administered the survey to help them make certain decisions about how to move the café forward. They are especially concerned with products, pricing and customer willingness to try new items and recommend the café to others. The survey was administered in early October 2012 by having surveys available at checkout. Patrons were offered a piece of candy if they completed a survey.

Summarize the data gathered by this survey (see the links in this folder for the actual survey itself and to download the Excel file with the results) and present it in a professional report to give the café’s managers and staff. Produce a visually appealing, well organized, and well written report to give to the café’s managers. Remember: students like yourself will be reading your report and interpreting what is in there. Make the presentation as clear as possible.

Your report should be organized into these sections:
1. Introduction
2. Customer Characteristics
3. Products & Pricing
4. Willingness to try new items and recommend the café
5. Analysis of Customer Comments
6. Summary & Conclusions

Each variable:
•    Each qualitative closed-end variable should be summarized with either a graph or a frequency/relative frequency distribution.
•    Each quantitative variable should be summarized with either descriptive statistics or a histogram.
•    Discussion about each question should be presented as follows:
(a)     a sentence telling what the survey question asked (e.g. “Customers were asked how often they would buy various products if they were offered.”);
(b)     the presentation of the graph, table, or descriptive statistics that you use to summarize the data; then
(c)     a sentence or two to interpret or summarize the information from the graph, table or statistics.
(d)     a sentence or two to answer the questions posed in this assignment (shown below).
•    See the Example at the end of this document for clarification.


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