Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Purpose and Scope
Explain the type, purpose and scope of evaluation you wish to undertake, demonstrating your understanding of relevant concepts. What aspects of the project are you assessing? Briefly list the broad aims and questions to be answered through the evaluation. What do you want to find out?

Evaluation Team Members and Stakeholders
Who will do the evaluation? Argue the composition of the evaluation team based on wisdom from theory literature. Who needs to know? Discuss how the results will be disseminated.

Project Logic and Indicators
Lay out the logic of the project and the key indicators to be used in the evaluation. Specify the data you would need to be able to carry out a good evaluation.

Outline the options available in terms of evaluation methods and specify the method(s) you will use, with a justification in the choice of method(s) you will use;
Specify the key information you will gain for each method you choose to use and present at least one non-standardised instrument (that is, something you made yourself).
Specify the timetable for implementation, identifying the method to be used in a given period

Sampling and Recruitment
Briefly discuss your sampling method and plan for the recruitment of participants.


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