Evaluating and reviewing the literature on government service delivery mechanisms and on similarities and differences between public and private sector managers

1. Review the readings from Core Readings for the main topic of the coursework
2. Evaluate them (maybe not all are relevant)
3. Set out the main areas of debate that have been discussed across all readings (e.g. similarities and differences between the public and private sector management)
4. Divide the readings in 2 groups
a) arguing for similarities between the public and private sector managers
b) arguing for differences between the public and private sector managers
Those that fall into both groups go into both groups
5. For each article in both groups look for:
•    Questions the article poses
•    Areas of dispute that are set

6. Provide an overview of the main issues being considered and debated in those readings
7. Critically evaluate the literature: for example examining the quality of the data available on it and what aspects of the topic might have been missed or in need of further/more detailed consideration
8. Outline what the literature tells us about the current state of the managers

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