ESSAY TOPIC: “Adolescence Pregnancy and STD’s”

ESSAY TOPIC: “Adolescence Pregnancy and STD’s”


-research on risk and protective factors (from an ecological perspective) related to the topic you have chosen,
-and examines prevention/ intervention programs as they are related to this issue.
-You must describe the risk factors and the protective factors identified in the research, identify at what layer of ecology they exist (microsystem, mesosystem, macrosystem) and how they operate as risk or protective factors with respect to the developmental outcomes that a child might experience.
You must also identify what types of prevention and intervention programs have been demonstrated to be successful in the literature and which systems (micro, meso, exo) are targeted by these. Do not just report on these programs;
you must describe their goals/strategies and comment on research (or the lack of) concerning their effectiveness.
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Your bibliography must include a minimum of 6 academic sources related to the topic. (Use the weblink I give you….it is my university’s library database….I will also give you my username and password to log in if you need it)
These resources should be research-based studies that take a risk/ resilience perspective or an ecological perspective. Try to find Canadian information on the incidence of what you are writing about. A good source is Health Canada. They publish material done by Canadian researchers that is not available through the usual sources. They also have a good web-site from which you can get some statistics. Statistics Canada is also good source for statistics on health related issues and social issues.
Do not report article by article; integrate your findings. Use APA format to reference your sources. Failure to properly cite sources and reference your work constitutes a form of plagiarism and could result in a grade of 0 for the assignment. Please proof read your work as deductions will be made for writing errors.

Grading Criteria for Literature Review (30%) Please see rubric below.
a) Describes risk factors from the literature at each level of the ecological perspective and relates these to potential developmental outcome. (10 marks)
b) Describes protective factors from the literature at each level of the ecological perspective and relates these to potential developmental outcome. (10 marks)
c) Describes prevention and intervention programs and discusses the research/evaluation of same.
(10 marks)

Attachment Reading:
Corcoran, J. (1999). Ecological factors associated with adolescent pregnancy: A review of the literature. Adolescence,34(135), 603-19. Retrieved from
Whitney-Thomas, J., & Moloney, M. (2001). ‘Who I Am and What I Want:’ Adolescents’ Self-Definition and Struggles. Exceptional Children, 67(3), 375.
Jackson, H., & Nuttall, R. L. (2001). Risk for Preadolescent Suicidal Behavior: An Ecological Model. Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, 18(3), 189-203.



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