Effective Training

1. Watch the following video clip.

2. Read the following scenario.

Assume that you are the company’s HRD expert and that a very excited Director of Safety has just come to you with this video clip wanting you and your group to develop a training program just exactly like the example in the clip so he can efficiently and effectively provide safety training to all 428 employees.
After watching the clip you politely tell him no, you won’t. He informs you that he is of course very disappointed that you are not a team player, but he is not willing to give up, and will give you another chance, informing you that money is not an issue because he will ensure that you will have an unlimited budget. This is because he is convinced that if you will just develop a complete employee safety training program exactly like the example in the clip, that the savings in reduced accidents will far exceed the costs of development.
Unfortunately you are the training expert, and you realize that no matter what you say – yes or no – the Director will probably not be happy. Based on everything you know about designing and developing effective training programs and materials, saying no will be like professionally cutting your throat, and saying yes will be like cutting your wrists. So instead you say “Let me study this a bit more, see if I can find out more information, and get back to you in a couple of days with a workable plan”. The Director of Safety appears to be temporarily satisfied and leaves. The big question is now how are you going to save your job by convincing him that there is a better alternative.

3. Write a paper explaining first why you do not recommend developing the type of training program exactly like the example in the video clip. Second, what your alternative solution is, and third, why you believe your solution would be effective.

To answer the 3 parts of the assignment you will need to think about the following items:

a) After watching the clip, why do you might think this is a good example of effective employee training?
b) Why does your instructor does not think this clip this is an example of effective employee training?


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