Education and international development: Reflect critically on one contemporary issue of education and development in a low or middle income country. Analyze the issue using two theoretical perspectives.

The issues of Child labour and access to education in Nigeria and the two theories are Human Capital theory and Humans rights based approach. The assignment question is What is the effect of child labour in access to primary education on the econimic and human rights development of Nigeria?
The structure of the assignment is:
1. Introduction – outline the topic of the essay, why it is important, the key question, the structure of the assignment.
2. Critically analyse the issue – look at why there is a problem with child labour how it relates to nigeria and other international targets. Provide some background on the existing issues of the state of child labour.
3. Answer the question by critically using human capital theory and analyse.
4. Answer the qustion critically using human rights and analyse.
(when doing the theories for point 3 and 4, firstly give a brief, concise and careful outline of the theory. refer to the standard literature for that theory. then apply the theory. When using HCT, it will include ideas of rates of return to different levels of education,non-monetary returns and cost/benefit analysis etc)when applying human rights reflect on the nature, purpose and justification and the internstional legal framework for the right to education using universal declaration of human rights and UN convention on the rights of a child and reflect on a childs right within the school context. Critique the theories, why it is not good and these critiques can be used to answer the questions.
5. Conclusion – return to the question and summarize the main findings and other issues that the answers might raise. Make recommendations for policy or further research.

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