Economics of Race and Gender and Globalization

a) Gender based Discrimination
b) Women in Engineering
c) Housewife to Career
d) Segregation and the Racial Wage Gap
e) Changing Roles in the Household
f) The Role of Affirmative Action in Society
g) Economics of Race and Gender and Globalization

Collect at least fifteen clippings from recent or current issues (year 2007+) of the Wall Street Journal, News Media or any Business Journal or reputable magazines that relate to your selected topic of Economics of race and gender.

Analyze all these articles to select information necessary to support your topic. Make sure you underline or bold the following in your work; INTRODUCTION, BODY, & CONCLUSION
1. Compare and Contrast the role of women and men in the following stages: a) Hunting and Gathering b) Horticulture c) Agriculture and d) Early Industrialization
2. The Economic incentives which have motivated women to continue to participate in the Labor Market
3. Discuss the typical nature or characteristics of different races and genders in the United States.
4. Discuss the economic impact of changing gender roles and racial differences in a changing Economy.
5. Discuss the economic impact of race and gender in relationship to differences in occupations.
6. Discuss whether we still have race and gender discrimination in our schools and workplaces?
7. Discuss this statement “Affirmative Action losing favor in the United States.”
8. Discuss Policies Affecting Paid Work and the Family
9. Discuss the economic and social significance of interracial marriages and families.
10. Discuss Race and Gender differences in the Global Economy


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