Economic Growth for Development

1.    In what ways in your view endogenous growth theory addresses limitations associated with the neoclassical growth model?  Illustrate the case you are making using relevant data.

2.    ‘The rapid economic growth of China and India in the last twenty years owes much to the size of their economies, so their experience cannot be replicated in smaller economies.’  Discuss using a relevant theoretical framework.

3.     “One possible explanation for the increase in the income gap between rich and poor countries is that countries climb onto the economic growth escalator at different points in time.  As long as there are some countries that have yet to get on, the world income distribution widens”.  Comment using data on a country/region of your choice.

4.    ‘What matters for growth is not so much the rate of investment but the efficiency with which it is used and the policy environment in which it takes place.’  Critically discuss using a case of your choice.

5.    “Poverty reduction in developing countries depends almost exclusively on high economic growth”. Discuss using relevant data to illustrate the case you are making.

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