1- Explain the development ( roundness or flatness) of the characters in wit. To what degree are the characters stereotypes?

2- When the curtain comes down on the conclusion of some plays, the audience is left to decide exactly what finally happened. State your interpretation of the ending of any one the plays we have read. Explain how you arrive at your conclusion and how the ending has affected your life. As you leave the theatre, how are you a different person? How has the play changed how you view situations in life or perhaps your own life?

3- Over 30 characters appear in the plays we have read. Select one character and explain why that character and you are so much alike ( what you have in common), and also indicate where you and that character are different.

4- If you were going to direct one of the plays that we read in class, which would you choose based on how you wanted to present a unique performance? How would you interpret the stage directions in various scenes to get across the point(s) you wish emphasized?

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