Does the media distort children’s perceptions of reality or validate them?


Does the media distort children’s perceptions of reality or validate them? Select a single aspect of American
popular culture-for example but not limited to, TV commercials, movies, magazine advertisements, music, or social
networking sites and write an essay discussing how that medium distorts or affirms children’s perceptions of


– You must clearly illustrate the papers chosen medium of American popular culture. For example, if you write a
paper that focuses on advertisements, you must actively show and discuss specific advertisements. These will be
listed on the works cited page but will not count toward your minimum source count for the paper because they are
not scholarly sources.
– You must give a summation of the other side’s argument.
– You must illustrate the media type for analysis.

– Use Illustration and Argumentation as patterns of development in your essay. You may of course use others,


– Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children; ISBN 13 978-1-59454-787-4

– Is Media Violence a Problem; ISBN 13 978-0-7377-2398-4

– Taking Back Childhood; ISBN 978-1-59463-043-9

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