“Development” Buiolding the knowledge and skills of organizational memsers so they are prpeared to take on new responsibilities and challenges.

1. Select a term that you have an experience with. DO NOT make recommendations or say your term is important. Your
reader will be able to tell that if you follow the STAR story steps.

2. In the Subject field, write the term and the chapter and page number where you found it. If a term has been
used twice, please select a different term.

3. In the Message field, and with both “quotation marks,” copy what the book says about it. If there is no
textbook definition, tell us what page you are talking about. You don’t have to use ” ” if you don’t copy words
from the text. Do NOT say you chose it.

4. Answering the STAR questions below, write a personal story about how the term. You will report on how an action
you took led to a quantitative result. Please protect confidentiality; the discussion board is visible to everyone
in the class.

S: Setting: Where were you were working: the people, the goals, and your general responsibilities, etc.

Task: What did you need to do or to accomplish in the above setting? What made it challenging? How did you go
about figuring out what to do?

A: Action: What exactly did you do, step by step? What happened that you didn’t expect? How did you deal with any
problems? Be respectful. Never criticize; never blame!

R: Result: What “number” did your own actions lead to? (Estimate if need be.) How did the organization benefit, in
a number (estimate if needed)? (Increased sales, money saved, waste reduced, satisfaction rating increased, etc.)
The language of management is the Bottom Line of numbers.

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